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Alina Shafikova
Written by Alina Shafikova

Refund Policy

There are some situations when our clients apply for the refund. This article describes when the chargeback is done, when is not.

Sometimes there happen situations when you decide you need to get the refund from the company/service provider.

Let's consider the cases when goes with returning the money on your request and when we do not accept the reason.

Trial accounts:

Here in we offer a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required for signup. So, you have no risk related to your money during this period of time.

You can purchase the subscription before the trial period ends then your account will automatically be switched to the 'paid accounts' group.

Paid accounts:

When you upgrade your plan and purchase the subscription you are charged automatically for each initial billing period.

E.g.: if you have a monthly subscription you will be charged each 30 days.

More details about billing here.


You have a right to stop your subscription on any step. Then no further amounts will be collected from your credit card. However, you are responsible for any amounts already charged to your credit card. So, side is not obliged to proceed with the refund in such case for period of time left on your subscription (unless it is described below in "We accept" part of the article).

We do not offer refunds on already processed payments – this policy is the same for all customers – and you are responsible for all charges in your subscription.


Below you can find the cases when side approves the refund request and is able to get the money back.

We accept:

  • the system charged you after you delete/stop your subscription;*
  • the system charged you more than it is defined in your subscription plan;
  • the platform stopped working for you what affected your business and you decide to resign**
  • there appeared a bug that affected the usage of the app and was not solved by team in estimated period of time***

*Please, make sure you followed the instruction of proper deleting the app (removing code from your website is not counted).

** This information should be reported to customer support team via the chat at the moment when the problem appears with the prof of the issue. You have the information that the problem is not solved after the support team announce the solution.

*** The bug should be reported relevantly to support team via the chat with the details (screenshots, videos) attached. Support team (along with the specialists from IT department) will rate the importance of the situation and define if the situation can be considered as a bug.

We do not accept:

  • you purchased the subscription and would like to resign before the billing period ends - in this case the payment for the rest number of days is not returned;
  • you remove the tracking code from the website - please, make sure you follow the instruction for deleting the app; we still keep storing your info inside the app;
  • if you forget to delete the app/remove credit card details before the next payment period;

Who decides on the refund?

The final decision is made on side by following representatives:

  • Head of Customer Support team;
  • Head of Customer Success department;
  • CEO.

How to request the refund?

Please, contact our support team via chat and provide them with all the details regarding the case.

We consider any case separately on the basis of the arguments presented.

We treat all customers equally, so we do not make exceptions to this policy. team hopes that this article will help to understand how does the refund policy looks like.

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